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About Us

We are a husband and wife team that enjoy doing family & genealogy research. We started with Joseph’s family over twenty years ago when he thought that he was the last of his family line. Joseph was raised by his Father, Grandmother, and Grand-Aunt who always told him stories. The stories were told over and over to him which helped in finding the ancestors that he was looking for. Joseph's family has served in every military conflict from the American Revolutionary War to the War on Terror. Joseph himself served for five years active duty in Germany and Kansas.

Over twenty years later we are amazed at the multiple ancestor connections that we have been able to make. We started with the basic information of what my husband could recall and it grew from there. We have been able to find over six thousand family members associated with my husband’s family. I come from a Latter-Day Saint family where most of my work has been done. That is always an understatement when dealing with family history.

As we started the process of researching Joseph’s family and finding names he would sometimes relate things he remembered from his Grandmother’s stories. Just as a road block would present itself, new information via technology would become available.

We were able to simply start our research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Now so much more is available from other sources on-line and in person. While doing research Joseph has made contact with cousins that remembered his family from when they were young. Joseph has a good memory for the stories that were told to him that still help today. Joseph has recently finished a Genealogy course with Boston University that has helped him refine his research capabilities.

These last few years Joseph has been able to help family and friends with starting their Family History or research specific genealogical questions for them. This has helped us both in becoming stronger researchers. We want to use our skills to help people with their questions.

We are members of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Elijah’s Vision Family and Genealogy Research, LLC is a research company that focuses on family research created by, Joseph and Stephanie Howell. We specialize in Military, Latter-Day Saint, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Utah, and Oregon records.